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Looking to Serve

JESUS states in Matthew 23:11, "But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant." It is every disciple's responsibility to live a life of service unto the Lord and to also find an area in the local church where they can serve, and allow the Lord to get the glory out of all the gifts and talents He has given. The leadership at The House of Prayer is committed to ensuring that every disciple is serving in a capacity of ministry they feel led to lead. There is so much work to accomplish and the Lord Jesus Christ is soon to return. If there is an area of ministry that you would like to serve in that is not listed below, please contact Pastor Brown.

kids playing around and smiling
Children's Ministry

Our children's ministry is made up of children of all ages coming together in a fun, creative, and engaging environment to learn about Jesus. The children worship corporately as a body in the sanctuary and are then led to the multipurpose room where they engage in bible-based teaching and group activities. Please contact Sister Stephanie for more information.

Marriage Preparation

Marriage is the first institution created and ordained by God. A gift and a partnership, created by God, between one man and one woman. When marriages are established on Jesus Christ, it brings forth Godly children which in turn advances the Kingdom of God. Those children become successful citizens in our society. 

Please contact Pastor Brown and First Lady Brown for marriage preparation.

couple holding hands and displaying their rings
young man bowing his head down and praying
Men's Ministry

The men's ministry is focused on building strong, Godly men of character through prayer, accountability, and relationship. One of our goals is to build and sharpen each other to be stronger, courageous, and fearless men, leaders, and husbands. We desire and strive to emulate Christ Jesus in everything we do. 

Men's ministry meets every Wednesday. Please contact Minister Jomanne or Minister Terrence for more information.

Women's Ministry

The women's ministry is focused on building strong women of God through relatability, empowerment, authenticity, and love. We strive to do this by having a "turtleshell" environment where women can feel connected. We link arms in this journey to help each other grow in Christ and Grace to become virtuous, faithful, delicate wives and women of God; truly living out the Word of God in our daily lives. 

The women's ministry meets bi-weekly on Thursdays. Please contact Sister Toni or First Lady Brown for more information.

group of females posing and smiling for a group photo
hands raised at praise and worship service
Music Ministry

When visiting The House of Prayer, you will experience power-packed, Spirit-led worship that is sure to change your life. The worship team is filled with radical praisers and worshippers looking to Worship Heaven down to earth. 

If you are interested in joining this dynamic ministry please Contact Minister Gabrielle.

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